// An Unforgettable Full Body Experience

Enjoy a soulful blend of meditation, movement, and dance. Experience an interdimensional sound ceremony and dive deep into multiple layers of sound spheres while floating through all of your senses. Face every aspect of what you are about to discover and let the binaural sounds be your guide.

Relax on a yoga mat, bed or blanket surrounded by two sound poles. Dive deep, as Markus Mars guides you through a psychedelic 360º Immersive Sound Ceremony. Merge with this binaural shamanic sound healing experience created with a 5-string electric violin tuned to 432 Hz, a telescopic didjeridoo, a cajon and a microphone.

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Duration: 60 or 90 minutes
Individual and group ceremonies available.

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Add a relaxing full body massage to your experience.
(Individual ceremonies only)