We are poems made of stardust

Markus Mars is the space to earth musical manifestation of an ongoing celestial journey throughout the furthest reaches of the cosmos with terrestrial origins in the volcanic jungles of Hawai’i Island. An interdimensional entity, equipped with a 5-string electric violin, a telescopic didgeridoo, a subwoofer cajon, a microphone, and a loop station starts live streaming Space to Earth vibes straight into your auditory canals.

Markus Mars started his human journey in the Austria Alps. After being trained in classical music for over 15 years, composing for and touring with several Symphonic Orchestras and Chamber Orchestras, he started playing the drums and electric violin in rock, blues, world and fusion bands. He soon discovered his passion for electronic music making and started performing and touring internationally.

After touring 30 countries with more than 60 bands and orchestras and playing over 3,000 shows, plant-based food enthusiast Markus Mars moved to Hawai'i and found a volcanic foundation for his new endeavors. He composed, produced and released his debut album “Interdimensional” under his DJ name Son of Mars, a musical offering where electronic world music meets synthesizers and live instruments.

His newest manifestation is a space to earth live streaming project called Markus Mars. A primarily improvised performance with live-looping 5-string electric violin, a telescopic didgeridoo, subwoofer cajon, and vocal effects, composed live in front of the audience, implementing the present vibration of the now and featuring elements of his transformational musical journeys, gently influenced by inspiring artists such as Jean-Luc Ponty, Andrew Bird, Johann Sebastian Bach, Steve Reich, Adam Plack, Johnny (White Ant) Soames, Shpongle, Jimi Hendrix, and Miles Davis.

The debut album “Live At Perfect Harmony” is now available.