Welcome, Sisters and Brothers, Fellow Aliens, and Interdimensional Co-pilots.

I'm looking forward to sharing my musical journeys with y'all while cruising this beautiful planet.

Check out my multiple musical personalities Markus Fahrenberger, Markus Mars, Son Of Mars, And MadMax Fiddler.

dig whatever you find most tempting.





(Live Looping Artist)

Based out of Hawai'i, Markus Mars has consistently produced music that pushes the genre-specific boundaries of what music could/should be.

The electric freestyle violinist creates interdimensional vibes with a 5-string electric violin, a multi-effect pedal, a loop station, and a creative open mind.


Son of Mars


The Son Of Mars is an alien lifeform stranded on Earth, transmitting intergalactic sound waves into your auditory canals.

There, among the far-flung stars and planets of the outer galaxies, sounds are harvested and prepared for transmission via various earthly musical communication devices such as a 5-string electric violin, telescopic didgeridoo, and synthesizer. From these agents, an electronic symphony emerges, activating an inner life force that invites all who come into contact with it to be an observer of the human condition.



(Founder of Fatmagic)

Fatmagic is an Austrian-American electronic music duo. The band name is an acronym and stands for Freakin’ Awesome Tracks Made After Going Insanely Crazy. Radina Tara Vel and Madmax Fiddler create their unique sound with eclectic vocals, electric violin and electric cello mixed with electronic beats.

The musical genre is as international as the band members and is often described as a well-balanced blend of sophisticated EDM, Electro Swing, and House, paired with folky hooks, and mind-bending rock licks.


Live In Concert




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