The Alien in Me Appreciates The Alien in You.

Markus Mars is the space to earth musical manifestation of an ongoing celestial journey throughout the furthest reaches of the cosmos with terrestrial origins in the volcanic jungles of Hawai’i Island.

An interdimensional entity, equipped with a 5-string electric violin, a telescopic didgeridoo, a cajón, a microphone, and a loop station starts live streaming psychedelic world music vibes straight into your auditory canals.

His unique style is a well-balanced blend of improvised performance, inspired by elements of his eclectic musical career and artists such as Jean-Luc Ponty, Andrew Bird, Steve Reich, Shpongle, Jimi Hendrix, and Miles Davis.


Stardate 0.0.1 - New Video online.


360 Degree Immersive Sound Ceremony.



Markus Mars - Live at Perfect Harmony - Artwork.png

Perfect Harmony

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